Kent CC KPI Hub IBE Partnership

Kent County Council KPI Hub

What is the Kent CC KPI Hub?

The KCC KPI hub is an information sharing and benchmarking collaboration between Kent County Council, Consultants and Contractors. Initiated and funded by suppliers on the KCC Principal Contractors Framework, the KCC Asbestos Services Framework, the KCC Asbestos Surveys Framework and the KCC Consultants Framework. This hub will be used to share benefits and lessons learned. It will measure, collate and communicate key performance indicators amongst signed up parties and contribute to continuous improvement of processes and outcomes between all parties and enable benchmarking with organisations outside the Hub.

The KCC KPI Hub will:

The success of the Hub is founded on the commitment and participation of its members. Senior representatives from Kent County Council, Consultants and Contractors will continue to develop and drive the Hub's continuous improvement.. They meet quarterly to review and analyse data, refine KPI targets, and the objectives for the Hub.